How to Create Happy New Year 2018 Flash Greeting Card With Music

How to Create Happy New Year 2018 Flash Greeting Card With Music – Do you want to create Happy New Year 2018 homemade cards with music? Whether you need to make Happy New Year flashcards for customers to show your greetings and appreciation for the customer or show your sincere affection for friends, family, relatives, and buddies. Create flash handmade cards with Happy New Year song it’s a sensible way to achieve your ultimate goal. In addition, sending New Year greetings by email is usually quick and convenient. So, would you like to follow me, to begin with creating such flash handmade cards for New Year 2018 to your family and friends and even customers? Here I make use of Kvisoft Flipbook Maker to perform this job.

How to Create Homemade New Year Greeting Card with Music?

Here we have a step-by-step tutorial for creating new year card with music. You just need to follow the instruction carefully.

Step 1: Preparation

First, find some handmade cards from the internet (Check – Happy New Year 201 Greeting Cards)or it’s also possible to make alone if you are great at making a card, make a note of your greeting words. You can also download a few Happy New Years music videos from YouTube by using any downloader. Second, download the Kvisoft flash flipbook software from Kvisoft website or this direct link: and do the installation on your computer.

Step 2: Import files to flash bookmaker

Run the application, and then click the import button to import your previous cards and videos on the program, also you can drag and drop these to order their positions to be certain which is the first-page card and what one is displayed on page 2.

Step 3: Design and customize the cards

Click the look menu at the top interface, you’ll discover there are many different type templates available including different Christmas themes, find out if you like. You can also change the background theme yourself, follow on the advanced setting button, first, you’ll be able to write the title for your homemade cards from the title option, and place corresponding color, size, and font for the title; under title option, it is possible to set a background, there are 2 options available, you customize on your own with two colors to reconcile, additional is importing background image out of your own computer should you already have one.

Drop down the scroll bar, you may also set hard pay for the minute card. And through the sound option, you may add music for the New Year cards. Additional, from your other settings menu, you’ll be able to add your personal LOGO to brand your small business if you wish to send the greeting card to your customers. Then go through the blue checkmark to avoid wasting your settings.

Step 4: Complete Greeting card

Click the publish menu on the top of the interface, you will discover four publish formats for the choose: HTML, EXE, ZIP, App, you are able to choose the format according on your need to publish your flash minute card. Click the start button to finish the make flash minute card job.

Video Tutorial:

After get things done, you’ll be able to ZIP the flash greeting card file should you didn’t publish as ZIP, then attach it on your greeting emails on your friends, family and customers. I think everyone will likely be happy whenever they get greeting & blessing from others with this wonderful festival. Don’t be stingy about your time, start to make Happy New Year Greeting card to your friends, it’s so wonderful!

Wrapping to it. I hope you like the tutorial. Now, you must know how to create Homemade New Year 2018 greeting card with music? Check the video if you feel any difficulty. Wishing you a very Happy New Year 2018.

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